Simon Palmer

"The landscape is depicted through simplified colours and forms, these works are often evocative of our feelings and memories of Australian landscape without being overtly literal; expressed through the juxtaposition of shapes and lines that blend hard and soft edges to atmospheric effect. Even though a painting may represent a combined landscape, or one of re-synthesised elements – we feel we can recognise a specific location based on past experience – there is a sense that we’ve been there sometime before, or somewhere nearby; at a certain time or season. It is a play on time and memory recalled by a considered palette and tonal variations. The deceptive simplicity of many of the works helps to extend the frame of reference, and the therefore also, the breadth of this sense of association and recognition." - Simon Palmer

Simon is a Sydney-based artist and designer who lived and studied in Canberra for a number of years. Originally qualifying as an architect, Simon later moved to graphic design – all the while painting and drawing an intrinsic part of his creative practice.

Whilst he is also a highly skilled figurative artist, Simon is primarily associated with a bold abstract style. Suggestive and loosely worked Simon’s landscapes sit between representation and abstraction, blurring the boundary between realism and the immediately identifiable, and the intangible impressions of place.