Sally West

Sally's thick impasto oils create a wonderfully lush and textural surface. Her subtle palette, playful themes and bold application of the paint gives her a highly individual style which is sought after by art collectors, admirers and international interiordecorators. Many of Sally's paintings are created plein air (or 'on site') which gives them a vibrant and immediate energy which cannot be achieved in the studio. Given the scale of her works this represents a physical achievement almost as much as an artistic one.

Sally West is a leading Australian artist and her work is internationally collected. Her studio is located in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches, Her professional career as an artist has taken her all over the world, winning prizes and selling to private collectors.

Sally has been the winner of many significant art prizes and is a regular finalist in many prestigious prizes including the Portia Geach Art Prize (SH Ervin Gallery 2013, 2014 & 2015), New South Wales Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, Salon Des Refuses (Wynne) Prize, Charlatan Ink Art Prize (Manhattan NYC), and the Pacific Palms Art Prize (winner 3 years), Gosford Art PrizeMosman Art Prize, Hornsby Art Prize and many more.