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Penelope Boyd "Little Memories"

Opening Saturday 24th June, Aarwun Gallery is showcasing the work of local artist Penelope Boyd. "Little Memories" comprises a number of quiet, soulful portraits and charmingly eerie still life paintings. These sensitively rendered works reverberate with emotion and mystery. 

Boyd is an artist whose work is driven by her fascination with the psychology of childhood and the fragility of early memory. From her home studio in Canberra, Penelope paints with acrylics in a loose, realist style from a variety of source imagery including vintage knitting and sewing patterns, as well as her own photographs.

Her paintings depict scenarios and objects that seem at first innocuous, but through use of her understated pallet and skilful use of light and shadow, each work hints at something more dangerous. The works often convey an ambiguous, hard-to-define emotion - suggestive of a narrative which winds around the painting. This subtle 'unsettling' effect stays with the viewer for a long time after seeing these beautiful works. Running until 16 July - this small but powerful exhibition is a delight to behold.