Portrait Painting Workshop
to May 26

Portrait Painting Workshop

Join us for a fun and relaxed weekend of painting the portrait in oils, working from life. The workshop will be focused on facilitating beginners to oil painting, but artists of all levels are warmly welcomed to join us and to work at their own pace and enjoy the atmosphere of creativity and learning. Tutoring will be catered to the skill level of the individual.
Students will learn how to observe proportion, tone and colour to create a life like rendering of the subject in oils on canvas. Through a series of demonstrations and discussion, the tutors will cover how to prepare a ground for painting, how to mix colours, how to use solvents and mediums and how to apply the paint. Students will receive a printed and illustrated summary of the techniques and artistic principles covered in the workshop for their future referral.

To reserve a spot, please call the gallery on 02 62302055 or email us.

Location: Aarwun Gallery
Tutors: Kacy Grainger & Ella Kilgour
Date: Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 May
Time: 10 am - 4.30 pm
Cost: $240

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Portraiture in Oils with Thanh Tam CAo
to Oct 23

Portraiture in Oils with Thanh Tam CAo

“In art, there is nothing that cannot be redeemed, there isn’t any situation that cannot be recorded and beautifully emphasized in a drawing or painting, whatever the subject may be.”

This two day workshop will be an intense crash course on how to record a likeness in oils. Thanh is immensely gifted in breaking down the architecture of the face, managing to maintain a looseness to his brushwork whilst still portraying an accurate likeness of his subjects. The workshop will involve sketching as well as painting from a live model. Aarwun Gallery masterclasses are a fun and inclusive atmosphere, with an emphasis on developing skills at all levels and learning from one another as well as the instructor. Both beginners and advanced artists are welcomed to this unique event. Lunch included, Cost $ 350.00

Tam attended the Julian Ashton Art School from 2008 – 2012 and was awarded the John Olsen Scholarship for 2010.

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to Mar 20


Acclaimed artist Sandra Hendy demonstrates how to combine a number of watercolour techniques, with the application of textural collage to create detailed and highly individualistic landscapes. Sandra is a very knowledgeable and generous teacher, and will create a highly rewarding experience for her students.

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