Mark Waller

Reality is a relative concept. We each construct a version of it that fits our beliefs, relationships and social structures. It seems to me that the structure that we have generally constructed for ourselves is based on a very narrow view of reality and is not designed to take us to a place beyond simply existing. We have designed a life of chasing our tails. Seemingly just out of reach however, yet tantalisingly close, is another world. In this world there is an easy access to lives lived with dignity and grace. The porthole to this magical place is in insignificant events and places and is unnoticed in our scramble for survival and our obsession with collecting “stuff”. The paradox is that these simple events and places have a complexity and power beyond imagination. They can transform our reality. This is the area in which I paint. The world beyond what we see, what we have individually and collectively constructed mentally about our world, and what may actually be more real. Painting these moments allows me to surrender to ”being”.  They are my sanity and solidity. They are the answer - Mark Waller