Kylie Fogarty

I like to push my artistic boundaries. I endeavour to master new techniques, while taking the opportunity to research and experiment with mediums and foundations. I relish each opportunity that an inspiration presents to extend my art practice. Often what first appeals will be further challenged to ensuing new techniques which are then adapted as far as possible to extend into other mediums that I utilise. Thankfully art has no limits, there are so many new techniques that I have yet to venture into, and I look forward to this with great anticipation. - Kylie Fogarty

Kylie is a full time multidisciplinary artist living in Canberra. A life-long artist, her earliest memories are rarely those without a pencil or drawing. Inspired by a love of the animal kingdom, the environment or unique moments in time which evoke strong emotions, Kylie calls upon a diverse portfolio of mediums to lay down the ideas which move her - printmaking, painting, ink drawing and watercolour.  As an artist Kylie is highly adaptive and involved in process - the creative and technical act of making her art. And yet the style is always distinctively hers, with it's loose winding organic forms, delicate, highly detailed line work and softly blended tones.

A collection of her intaglio etchings are now permanently archived in the National Gallery of Australia. Kylie has also illustrated Azure Assurances - a book of poems by Hobart writer Crystal Davies. This sensitively rendered series of simple black and white ink drawings depict the author's struggle with mental illness.

Kylie has won several awards including the Bentley Art Prize- Grafton Scholarship in 2011. Her line drawing “Bird on a Rock” was acquired for the use in a broadside gift, for International acclaimed Poet Anne Carson, for ‘Nox’ by Stanford University.