Kris Ann Ehrich

I have been involved indirectly with the arts for most of my life.  My fascination with sculpture began in childhood. I have always felt a deep affinity for the tactile third dimension of this ‘living’ art form. My portfolio of ceramic and bronze sculptures has, over time, propelled me toward an evolving trajectory across a rich landscape of figurative and mythical icons. Within this setting, the beauty and yet vulnerability of the human form never ceases to inspire me. In my work, therefore, I seek to capture that vulnerability and fragility underlying what it means to be human.

I began my studies with Brisbane sculptor Georgette Schwantes in 2004, working mainly in ceramics and commenced casting my work in bronze in 2006. Since then, this exciting and challenging medium has added a richness, breadth, and expression to my work.

I honed my skills on classical themes and form, before moving into the more exacting sphere of figurative themes, sharpened with a keener socio-political edge. I have exhibited extensively throughout Queensland and my sculptures have also been displayed to acclaim elsewhere in Australia, including Canberra. My work has been selected for inclusion in Contemporary Masters Volume VII and Important Artists of the World Volume 1. - Kris Ann Ehrich