Karen Bloomfield

Karen burst onto the art scene in her 40’s & has been steadily gaining national recognition since. 

Working from the NSW Central Coast surrounded by nature, Karen’s work deals with the detail in the hidden moment. Early loss & challenge coupled with experience in the built environment imbued the Artist with a fascination for emotion & connection. It is these qualities that permeate even her most industrial subjects.

I believe that my role as an artist is to capture & preserve society in this very moment & to garnish this captured moment with my own filters, wit, emotions & beliefs.

It is in this way I share my vision of how I perceive that simple, mundane, ugly & unexpected things may be viewed to be beautiful or, at the very least, engaging. It is my desire to encourage the growth that comes from seeing more than one viewpoint – in everything.

To me, an emotional response from my audience, be it nostalgia, love, discomfort or joy, is my benchmark for how successfully I have empathised with & represented my subject.

Karen has been a selected as a finalist in a number of prestigious national awards including the Portia Geach Memorial Prize and Paddington Art Prize.