Kacy Grainger

Kacy Grainger is a Canberra Based artist who grew up in a creative home and started drawing obsessively at a very young age. With a mother who worked at the National Gallery of Australia she viewed all major exhibitions and was moved and inspired by the great Masters.
Kacy attended the Australian National University School of Art completing a Bachelor of Art in Painting (1995). She studied under Bob Boynes, Mandy Martin, Ruth Waller and Pat Harry to name a few amazing teachers of the time.
She indulges in depicting everything beautiful from portraits and the human figure to still life. She sees her subjects like actors on a stage and aims to portray the drama and story behind the person or object. The fragility of life and the cycle of nature are the primary themes behind her work.
Her studio at Lake George offers never ending inspiration surrounded by beautiful objects and scenes to paint.
Kacy also worked in the medium of mosaic when her children were young and has been commissioned to make many private and public installations over the years.
Travel, art and food adventures have inspired a great passion for the Alla Prima style of painting. She is influenced by the works of Jeremy Lipking, Sean Cheetham, Robert Liberace, Richard Schmid, John Singer Sargent and George Lambert.