Janet Thatcher

Janet lives and works here in Canberra. Her highly detailed, often large scale wildlife studies are created with pastel on velour. Each hair is rendered, creating an intensely tactile and sensory work of art.

My mother believed that being able to draw meant that you would never be lonely or bored. To encourage her children to draw she would place a box of Derwent pencils on the table.  When asked if we could use them she would always refuse, telling us that such special pencils could only be used for very special artwork.  Of course I pleaded to use them, vowing I was planning something wonderful so that she would relent.  Till this day I feel a sense of excitement opening a new box of pencils for the first time.  This has also had a strong influence on my use of medium.  Rather than being tied to a particular tool, I go where inspiration takes me.

My other passion in life is my love of animals.  In childhood I spent the majority of my time playing with and reading about them.  The way in which I expressed myself was through art and my pieces reflect the affinity I feel with the subject.

My artwork conveys emotion, movement and the essence of an animal.  A moment in time to see the individual spirit that lies beneath.