Johnny Romeo

Johnny Romeo is an internationally acclaimed Australian painter. Considered Australia’s leading Pop artist, Romeo is spearheading the global Neo-Expressionist Pop movement with his electrifying collision of rock’n’roll swagger, comic book aesthetics and street art. Described by GQ Magazine Australia as ‘part punk, part pop’, Romeo’s works are explosive sugar rushes of Technicolour imagery and urban grittiness that are turning heads worldwide.

Armed with tongue-in-cheek humour and razor-sharp social commentary, Johnny Romeo explores the influence of celebrity icons and brand-name heroes on our contemporary identity. Romeo approaches his art-making practice like a television, broadcasting colourful Postmodern visions that seek to re-contextualise and make sense of the daily cacophony of images, ads and memes that we are bombarded with in our Pop-obsessed culture.

Over the last decade, Johnny Romeo has enjoyed a successive number of critically acclaimed and sold-out exhibitions across Australia, New Zealand and the US. In 2017, Romeo continued his dominance as a world-class Pop artist, with sell-out exhibitions in Perth, Sydney, Auckland, and Pennsylvania, and a highly celebrated feature in Brisbane’s Sign of the Times group exhibition, alongside street art juggernauts Banksy, Blek le Rat and Swoon. A major force in contemporary Pop art, Romeo is represented by many top galleries both in Australia and overseas.

Romeo has graced a number of prominent publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue, Australian Art Review, Artist Profile and No Cure Magazine. Television features include the ABC 7:30 Report, Foxtel’s STVDIO, and the ABC documentary 'Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art’, written and hosted by renowned art critic Dr. Andrew Frost.

On the international stage, Johnny Romeo is a Pop art force to be reckoned with, with hugely celebrated exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and Florida. He has participated in several high-profile group shows across the US and Europe, including Language Art, alongside childhood hero and Pop Art icon Robert Indiana. Romeo made a massive splash as a celebrated featured artist in POP AUSTIN 2017, exhibiting with contemporary art powerhouses like Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Mr. Brainwash. Over the past three years, Romeo has made many standout appearances on US national television and universities in support of his books TV Land (2015), and 10 year retrospective survey Plastic Fantastic (2017).  

As one of the biggest names in Pop art today, Romeo’s works are highly sought-after globally, and are held in prominent Australian and international public and private collections. He has collaborated on many illustrious projects with the likes of leading US snowboarding company Gilson Boards, craft beer alchemists Zeroday Brewing Company, world-famous punk band Blink 182 and Lexus Australia.